Images from Sydney Zombies Walk in Sydney, 2015
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Sydney Zombie Walk – Happy Halloween!

Slideshow with images from the Sydney Zombie Walk in November 2015

Sydney Zombie Walk is an annual event, now in its 6-th year. There is also a very worthy cause behind it, to raise funds for the Brain Foundation. There is a commitment there to keep brains healthy …and juicy!

I didn’t think that we celebrate Halloween much in Australia, but we do!

It was a lot of fun, and I’ve heard, some of the people on the streets got a bit scared this year. Who would expect a bunch of zombies to take over the City?

I happened to be in the City when the Walk was on last year in 2015, and I took some pictures. As a bystander, I was very impressed with the effort that was put in costumes and makeup for the parade.

I hope you will have as much fun watching as I had to make the video!
Music: “Bright Orange” -Pleasant Pictures Music Club